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The Rio 2016 Olympic Games on Prime

6-22 August

For the duration of the Games, Prime viewers can enjoy a mix of the best Olympic action from around 11pm each evening through to 3pm the following day.

Don’t miss the Olympic Opening Ceremony on Prime from 10.50am on the 6th of August. Then from 6.00am until 9.30am every day of the competition, Eric Young will keep you up-to-date with the latest action, with Te Arahi Maipi in the studio through to 3.00pm.  A variety of daily highlight packages will ensure you keep up with and cheer on your favourite athletes.

Prime’s coverage wouldn’t be complete without that special The Crowd Goes Wild touch. From 7pm weeknights join Mark Richardson and Hayley Holt in the studio as they check in with James McOnie and the rest of the team in Rio for their unique and entertaining take on the carnival atmosphere of the biggest sporting event in the world.

Closed Captions for deaf and hard of hearing viewers will also be available on much of Prime’s Rio 2016 Olympic Games coverage thanks to fundraising by the New Zealand Foundation for the Deaf to make it possible. Closed captions will be available for the opening and closing ceremonies, for daily coverage between 6.00am and 3.00pm and also for the 6.00pm Rio 2016 Highlights, all clearly identified by the CC logo on screen.


10.50am Saturday 6th August

Daily from 6.00am – 9.30am presented by Eric Young

Daily from 9.30am – 3.00pm presented by Te Arahi Maipi


Making Good Men

Two high profile Kiwis reveal their unforgettable account of bullying with unprecedented honesty. For the past 30 years the bully, former All Black Norm Hewitt, and his target, tel...

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This exciting new series follows one of South Island’s biggest Maori fishing families, the Fishers (yes, that’s their family name!), as they hit the VERY high seas of the Foveaux S...

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Prime Planet: Natural Born Hustlers

Premieres 14 August 7.30pm

Illusion, distraction, the double-bluff. Meet the animals who don’t play by the rules in this intriguing new series revealing the science behind animal trickery.  You might think that lying and cheating are behaviours unique to the human world, but you would be wrong.  Surprising new evidence reveals every animal has a devious streak. Natural Born Hustlers meets the double-crossing cuttlefish, underhand orangutans, crafty killer whales and the shady squirrels. It discovers the remarkable animals breaking the laws of nature and going to elaborate lengths to claw their way to the top.

Masterchef USA

Fridays 7.30pm

In this new season of Masterchef USA, the Top 40 home cooks will compete in a head to head challenge, to narrow it down to the top 20.


Tuesday 9 August 8.30pm

Yorkshire, 1874.  Annie Quaintain is turfed out of home when her schoolmaster husband’s death leaves her widowed and penniless. Shunned by society, and with no family to turn to, Annie is desperate for a place for her and her children, Martha and George, to stay. 

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Game Of Thrones

Tuesday 9 August 9.30pm

The struggle for the Iron Throne continues in this free-to-air premiere of the world’s biggest and most popular TV series. It stretches from the south, where heat breeds plots, lusts and intrigues, to the vast and savage eastern lands, where a young queen raises an army.

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Fridays 8.30pm

The new season premiere begins six months after the events of last season, Booth, Brennan, daughter Christine and the new baby are ostensibly living a dream life, a world away from the murder-filled life they left behind.

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The Odd Couple

Wednesday 27 July 9.30pm

After Oscar and Felix become obsessed with eavesdropping on their bickering neighbours, they try to subtly intervene and help them save their marriage. Meanwhile, Emily and Dani’s friendship is tested when they train together to race to the top of the Empire State Building.

Sleepy Hollow

Fridays 9.30pm

Sleepy Hollow returns for a spellbinding third season of action, intrigue and “Ichabod-isms.”

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Thursdays 7.30pm

Adam and Jamie are back and ready to tackle Indiana Jones. First they take on the opening scene from ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’. When Indy steps on those pressure pads would he really have escaped unscathed by just running? Then Adam makes his own bullwhip and tests whether you can disarm a gun-toting adversary, or swing your way to safety with it?

Piha Rescue

Tuesdays 7.30pm

I’m so excited that Piha Rescue is now screening at its new home on Prime. Nothing beats sitting at the edge of your seat and watching the heroic efforts of the NZ lifeguards on our favourite beaches over the summer months. I am in complete awe of what our lifeguards can and will do for the safety of the public, and I am happy that I can watch this nail biting series as it travels  from Piha to Raglan and Hot Water Beach, starting this week, every Tuesday night.

Piha Rescue will be Closed Captioned.

60 Minutes

Mondays 8.30pm

Hosted by Alistair Wilkinson, this multi–award winning current affairs series brings you the stories that matter, with an engaging blend of human profile pieces, interviews and in–depth investigations from around the world.

TV Guide

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Soundbreaking DVD Giveaway

Soundbreaking: Stories From the Cutting Edge of Recorded Music chronicles the extraordinary impact of studio recording on the modern world and the stories behind some of the best music ever made.
To celebrate our recent Prime Rocks screening of Soundbreaking we have 5 DVD copies to giveaway.



Fridays 8.30pm

The new season premiere begins six months after the events of last season, Booth, Brennan, daughter Christine and the new baby are ostensibly living a dream life, a world away from the murder-filled life they left behind.