Colombia With Simon Reeve

Colombia With Simon Reeve
Colombia With Simon Reeve Sundays 7.20pm

About the show

Simon Reeve heads to Colombia at a pivotal point in its history - after 50 years of brutal civil war that has killed more than 200,000 people and displaced seven million, 4 months ago a peace deal was signed promising to end the conflict and finally bring peace to the country.  Simon visits Cartagena and sees the place where the peace deal was signed, then meets victims of the conflict in Bogota. He travels into the jungle and comes face to face with the guerrilla army, FARC.

In the Pacific coast city of Buenaventura, Simon finds out more about the right wing paramilitary gangs who now dominate the cocaine trade. In Medellin he looks at how the city has turned its fortunes round, meeting with former mayor, and visiting a restaurant promoting reconciliation by employing former fighters. Travelling in the countryside, Simon meets the coca farmers who are demanding government support to stop growing coca and stop the flow of money to criminal gangs. Interviewees include Sergio Fajardo, former Mayor of Medellin, and Mauricio Jaramillo, aka El Medico, one of the leaders of the FARC.

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