Manson: The Lost Tapes

Manson: The Lost Tapes
Manson: The Lost Tapes Sundays 9.30pm

About the show

Charles Manson is America’s most infamous criminal. He was convicted for the murder of seven people, including the movie star Sharon Tate, yet he is suspected of killing many more. The murders created shockwaves across Hollywood due to their brutal and apparently random nature.
Manson was leader of a cult called the Family. During the late 60’s, the cult spent the best part of three years taking drugs, having sex and playing music amongst the beautiful backdrop of the valleys outside Los Angeles.
After Manson was arrested, one young filmmaker was given behind the scenes access to the cult which was still at its height. He filmed more than 100 hours of footage and took thousands of photographs. These images have been hidden away for more than 40 years. The lost tapes show for the first time how Charlie controlled their minds and how far they were prepared to go in his name.
This film asks a simple and chilling question- how can one man turn a group of ordinary peace living kids into mass murderers?

Sundays 9.30pm