Mighty Machines

Mighty Machines
Mighty Machines Saturdays 7pm

About the show

Hosted by transport and machinery journalists Cobey Bartels and Harrison Hunkin, Mighty Machines is an action-packed, 10-part series showcasing the wildest machinery the world has to offer.

Each episode features highly entertaining and engaging reviews, comparisons, adventures and profiles of the people that underpin the machinery world. Road transport, earthmoving, farming, and everything in between – Cobey and Harrison, with the help from some special guests, will shed light on industries that traditionally fly under the radar. 

From a first-of-its-kind “Burnout Symphony”, to racing hard-core off-road buggies through New Zealand corn fields – and even pulverising cars with 20-tonne excavators in a “Dig This” special – the series will follow Cobey and Harrison’s exploits as they travel the world in search of the mightiest machines they can get their hands on.

Saturdays 7pm