Ocean Predators

Ocean Predators
Ocean Predators Premieres This Sunday 28 October 7.30pm

About the show

Ocean Predators is a series of journeys into the wildest and most remote waters around New Zealand. The search is on for wildlife encounters unlike any other. It’s eat or be eaten in the world of apex predators… and these are ringside seats. 

Host Kina Scollay is an award-winning underwater cinematographer who makes his living filming marine wildlife in New Zealand and around the world. He opens up his world as a cameraman and a marine life expert, and you’re invited to step behind the camera and experience the thrill of getting up close and personal with some of the most iconic ocean predators anywhere on earth.

How are these creatures able to win the battle for survival in remote and challenging waters? Kina recruits locals with intimate knowledge of each species, fishermen, conservation workers and scientists alike. They help him on his hunt to find the predators, and, once an encounter is made, they help him come to grips with what makes each species so remarkable, and so perfectly suited to their habitat and the prey it contains. How do they hunt? What role do they play in their ecosystem? And how are they different from any other species of predator on earth?

Premieres This Sunday 28 October 7.30pm