Outback Truckers S6

Outback Truckers S6
Outback Truckers S6 Thursday 7.30pm

About the show

Epic roads, monster loads and more dirt madness, Outback Truckers is back for another classic season.  Australia is a land of extremes and the Outback Truckers face those extremes on every job they do.  Tropical storms can turn a dry dirt road into a massive bog in hours.  Get stuck and it can take weeks to get out. Desert heat can cook a man and his engine in minutes.  Make a wrong move and you can end up dead. 

Long distances challenge a driver’s concentration and stamina; some jobs require over 4000 kilometres behind the wheel. Fall asleep in charge of a 100 tonne road train travelling at 100km per  hour and you’re a high speed bomb!  

Thursday 7.30pm