Prime Planet: The Cruise

Prime Planet: The Cruise
Prime Planet: The Cruise Sundays 7.30pm

About the show

The Regal Princess is one of the world's largest luxury cruise ships. The series takes an intimate and entertaining look on-board, as it travels from Copenhagen to St Petersburg. Whilst 4,000 passengers enjoy all of the delights the cruise ship has to offer, the cameras allow us access behind closed doors to see what it takes to keep everything working. Entertainer’s battle injury and absence but the show must go on, as passenger services try to round up missing guests before departure. Meanwhile, below deck the chefs face heat in the kitchen as they struggle to provide over 20,000 meals a day for passengers and crew. This series is a fascinating insight into a little known world.

Prime Planet: The Cruise will be Closed Captioned.

Sundays 7.30pm