The Channel

The Channel
The Channel Tuesdays 7.30pm

About the show

The English Channel is the world’s busiest waterway – 400 ships pass through the narrow, 21-mile-wide Dover Strait every day. From ferries to pleasure boats to cross-Channel swimmers to fishermen to trains thundering through the Channel Tunnel below, this vital system is busier today than ever. It’s brought us closer to Europe – and the free flow of goods and people across the Channel in the last twenty years has changed our whole economy. But it’s a congested artery – that is also Britain’s lifeline to the rest of the world. 

Now, in this ambitious, access-all-areas series, cameras will go inside the Channel Tunnel, aboard the ferries, and penetrate our highly-fortified border, to reveal what it takes to keep this system moving. 

In the hidden nerve centres, below the waves and at our border, we’ve filmed with the workers, engineers, sea pilots, and ship’s captains who move 17 million of us across the sea every year.

The Channel is changing fast. Huge new projects like a £700m scheme to lay electricity cables across the seabed are displacing the old fishing fleets, changing a whole way of life.  And now, after two decades of frictionless travel across the Channel, Brexit could mean the return of customs checks, bringing huge queues, delays and higher prices. 

We’re inside this crucial system as it’s about to be transformed forever.

Each film focuses on a different part of this world.

Tuesdays 7.30pm