The Sixties

The Sixties
The Sixties Tuesdays 7.30pm

About the show

The events of that tumultuous ten-year period reshaped our country to such an extent that a citizen peering forward from 1960 would barely recognize America in 1969. And, every step of the way, television helped frame and enable that change, and it is through the lens of television that we will experience THE SIXTIES.
This decade saw both the apex of liberal activism and the emergence of the conservative movement, which eventually realigned American politics. It was the decade when America finally confronted and began to redress racial injustice through the efforts of some of the bravest citizens in its history. It was the decade when women started to question their traditional role in the home, workplace, and society. Sports, both collegiate and professional, became integrated and commercialized. Culturally, a radical difference emerged in the kind of music we listened to, the movies we attended, and the television we watched. The 1960’s was the decade America transformed from a country of general conformity to a land of “Do your own thing”... and it was all documented for the television audience.
In ten episodes, THE SIXTIES will explore and examine how and why this decade became a period of such
consequence and, still today, remains an epoch of such fascination… and it will all be given a visceral, in-the-moment feel through the use of archival footage. The series will unfold chronologically, but will be packaged topically into the following ten categories: The Cold War, Civil Rights, JFK Assassination / Warren Report, The British Invasion, Television, Vietnam, The Summer of Love, 1968, Social Change, and Space & Technology. By weaving together a variety of events and personalities that influenced and dominated the sixties, we will sketch a portrait of this remarkable decade that is both entertaining and illuminating.
THE SIXTIES will not just reexamine the familiar… it will unearth the unknown.

Tuesdays 7.30pm