Interview with Fern Sutherland

Interview with Fern Sutherland

Interview with Fern Sutherland
Kristin’s not afraid to get her hands dirty and she’s tough in a crisis. How have you found this physicality in the role?

I love how physical Kristin is, she’s not afraid to put herself, or her body, on the line for her job, which is a great thing to play. I loved getting up in harnesses and getting up on roofs, having gun training and hooning around on boats.

The role of Kristin has been your first lead role, how have you settled into being in the spotlight over the last couple of years?
I don’t know about the spotlight, but I love playing Kristin Sims. She’s a woman who’s not using her sexuality to get what she wants; she’s just a competent young woman who’s doing what she loves, and is respected for it.

What do you think fans are going to love about season four of THE BROKENWOOD MYSTERIES?
Fans can come along on a journey and be presented with some really relatable, quirky and humourous characters and scenarios that are totally identifiable and quintessentially Kiwi. What I love about THE BROKENWOOD MYSTERIES is that it’s a show with so much heart. It’s not trying to be a sleek, sexy, sophisticated, cynical kind of a show and the murders aren’t gory or horrendous.