About the show

Twenty-year-old Emma leaves her friend’s house at 9am on a Monday morning to travel to work. She arrives, sends an email and then totally disappears.

Emma is deaf (as is her family) and is a prolific texter, normally in constant text contact with those who are close to her. But no one has heard from her, friends, colleagues at work and family are immediately concerned. This is totally out of character, Emma is failing to respond to anyone.

Later that day the family make the decision to go to the police. Immediately it raises a red flag with the officer who takes the missing person’s report. Senior officers are called in and an investigation begins. Where this young woman, and what has happened to her?

At 9.45pm that night a car is reported on fire in Bromley Park. The car belongs to Emma, but there is no sign of her. The fire has destroyed the front interior of car, and has coated what remains of the interior in a thick coat of ash and smoke. With such fire damage investigators hold little hope of finding any clues inside the car. 

Police appeal to the public, has anyone seen her or her car, or anything unusual in the area. Every piece of information had to be thoroughly investigated for its relevance.  Twelve days later the naked body of Emma is discovered by a man walking his dog. It is located in a bushy area of Spencer Park, frustratingly close to where Police had searched.

Investigators examine the area where the body is found, hoping to find some evidence to the identity of the killer.