About the show

A cold winter’s morning, on a wild, windy and rocky coastline, a man and his dog make a gruesome discovery.

Floating in debris on the beach shoreline is a handless corpse. Who is it? Where has he come from? And why has he been murdered and mutilated?

Identification of this mutilated corpse is the first challenge for investigators. Police suspect the removal of his hands had been done to mask the identity of the 60-year-old victim. More than 40 officer are called to the scene. The beach is closed off, forensics experts and the pathologist are called, and investigators begin the laborious task of sifting through the scene for clues.

Neighbourhood enquiries reveal a group of local residents had helped push out a stuck vehicle on Red Rocks beach the night before the body is discovered. They describe the driver and his blue Subaru. Had the locals unwittingly assisted the killer in getting away?

With no visible means of identifying the victim the police make a public appeal for anyone that may know who the victim is, he is described as a male European, aged more than 60 years, with heavily receding hair, and 175 – 180cm tall. Who is this man, and where has he come from? Why have his hands been removed?

With little else to identify the victim investigators place pictures of his items of clothing on the front page of the Dominion Post, in the hope that someone will recognise the clothing the man was found in.