About the show

A group of young university friends drive up the Port Hills to view the lights of Christchurch on a cool spring evening.

As they near the summit, a man appears out of the dark of night. He is running down the road toward their vehicles, his face is bloodied. His feet and chest bare. What has happened, and what is this young man running from?

The young Asian man is in shock, and unable to communicate clearly, he continually gesticulates up the road to the hills. They drive 120 metres up the road and see a broken fence and ascertain there has been some kind of accident. A car is found rolled some 100 metres down the road from the hill. While they search for other occupants emergency services are called.

The body of 22-year-old Zhi Ping You (aka Ginny) is discovered by the police, her body several metres down the hill from the road. She is an English language student from Beijing, and it is her own car that rests at the bottom of the hill. The shirtless man, Kai Ji, is her ex-boyfriend.

Kai Ji claims in his statement to police that he was attempting suicide by driving off the Port Hills road because he had gambled away $50,000 dollars of his parent’s money. He can only assume that tragically, Ginny has jumped in front of the car to stop him, as he blindly accelerated off the hill in an attempt to end his life. Is this accidental or intentional? And what are the tell-tale signs when a car is being used as a weapon?

Forensic engineers are called in to assist with the enquiry. The science of mechanical engineering and pathology reveal the true story of what events occurred on the Port Hills that night.