About the show

33-year-old Colleen Rae Portman (known as Rae) is four months pregnant when she is reported missing. Two people know she is pregnant, her very best friends. Rae’s last known movements are when she pre-paid and checked into Room 11, in an Auckland motel. Staff remember her because she never checked out. Her unpacked suitcase still remains.

When detectives search through her unclaimed items they find a bag of Contac NT, a precursor drug used in the manufacture of Methamphetamine.

Rae, her car, phone and handbag are missing. When police start looking into her phone data it becomes evident that Rae had multiple cell phones, at least six. Rae and the people she was dealing with used disposable burner phones, multiple numbers, and nicknames to avoid detection. Rae was distributing contact NT to people who would turn it into methamphetamine. She was dealing in a very dangerous world.

Rae’s links to the drug world threw up multiple lines of investigation both in Hamilton and Auckland. And every lead seemed to uncover another layer of criminal activity. Drug debts, gang connections, everywhere the investigation went there was another set of suspects. Had Rae’s criminal life finally caught up with her?

An associate comes forward with a third person story of Rae’s kidnap and murder. The allegations implicate Rae’s very best friends. Real or a fabrication, police start searching for anything to substantiate the story.