About Bojana Novakovic (Lizzie Needham in INSTINCT)

About Bojana Novakovic  (Lizzie Needham in INSTINCT)

Serbian native Bojana Novakovic was trained at the National Institute of Dramatic Arts in Australia and has had starring roles with all of Australia’s major theatre companies, including The Sydney Theatre Company, Melbourne Theatre Company, Malthouse and the Bell Shakespeare Company.

Throughout her career she has featured in series such as Westworld, Shameless and Rake. She was the recipient of an Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Award in 2004 for her role in the miniseries Marking Time.

She has acted in several movies including Beyond Skyline, The Hallow, The Little Death, Generation Um, Burning Man, Devil, Drag me to Hell and Edge of Darkness.

Currently, Novakovic lives and works in Los Angeles. She is in the process of editing her first documentary, The Forbidden Aunt, which she directed and shot. Her hobbies include professional photography, motorcycle riding and training in Muay Thai. She is involved with B Project/Seven Summit Women Nepal, a project she started with the Seven Summit Women to rebuild schools and get kids off the streets in the district of Sindhupalchok, Nepal.