Supporter Profiles

Supporter Profiles

Robyn Twemlow
Founder of the NZ Tourette’s Association, and mother of Analise Twemlow. Main fundraiser and organiser for Camp Twitch. Robyn works continually to increase awareness of this debilitating disorder.

Lauren Smith
A registered psychologist who works for the Education Department, Lauren Smith also has Tourette’s Syndrome. She is a volunteer at Camp Twitch, who will help explain to the parents, and also to the viewers, some of the science about the symptoms of and treatments for Tourette’s.

Sergeant Andrew Norton
A police officer from Christchurch who overcame severe Tourette’s to fulfil his ambition of becoming a police officer. Andrew is a guest at Camp Twitch, where he inspires the youngsters to also achieve their dreams.

Daniel Johnston
Daniel is a 35-year-old truck driver from Hamilton who developed Tourette’s as an adult. He is a volunteer driver and helper at Camp, who is also Adam Belcher’s support person and room-mate.