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An informative and entertaining documentary, Prime Presents: All In The Mind takes Kiwi brain development specialist Nathan Wallis on a journey to present compelling science about a very big life question: is a man’s grey matter the same as a woman’s? 

Are male and female brains as different as we think they are?

All In The Mind, made with the support of NZ On Air, tackles the key question of whether brain development makes men and women behave distinctively, and if so, why? Is each gender born with a brain that is structurally different, or do we all just adapt our behaviour to society’s expectations? This watercooler conversation has a scientific basis that links directly to Nathan’s expertise in how our brain works and how we use it, and how modern Kiwis think.

All In The Mind is made with the support of NZ On Air.


Q&A with Nathan Wallis

Neuroscience Educator and presenter of Prime Presents: All In The Mind