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Raised By Refugees

Pax Assadi is your typical 12-year-old from the early 2000s. His parents came to NZ in the late '80s as refugees and want him to get good grades, but all Pax wants to do is fit in. However, a major international incident makes that very difficult.

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Our Flag Means Death

In 1717, pampered aristocrat Stede Bonnet experiences a midlife crisis and decides to give up everything to become a pirate. However, Stede quickly learns that a pirate's life isn't for everybody! Loosely based on a true story.

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Designing Dreams

This docuseries shines a spotlight on New Zealand's most prominent architects and the country's most spectacular structures. In each episode, a featured architect takes host Matthew Ridge around New Zealand to visit their favourite houses.

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Recovery 29

Ten years after the horrific Pike River Mine explosion, a group of men brave the unforgiving terrain of Paparoa National Park to do the job that so many said couldn't be done.

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Growing Dope

Growing Dope follows a grassroots Māori company from Ruatoria as it enters the million-dollar medicinal cannabis industry, turning a small-town dream into reality.

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Teine Sa

This contemporary horror series is based on supernatural legends from across the Pacific Islands. 

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After being uprooted from Nanjing, China, to Auckland, Aotearoa, Jiayue is trying and failing a medical degree that her dad Rong chose for her - but her dream is to become a professional tattooist. 

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The Red Stag Timber Hunters Club 

After their previous Wapiti mission was dramatically cut short due to COVID, Anto, Morgs, and Brad venture back into Fiordland in search of a trophy bull.

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