Local Catch Up on Prime

The Sounds
From best-selling author Sarah-Kate Lynch comes an eight-part thriller that takes a missing person and a blissful marriage and turns it upside down in the sleepy settlement of Pelorus – where nothing, including the visiting Maggie and Tom Cabbott, is quite what it seems. 
Life After Footy: Legends Of The Pacific
This local documentary delves into what happens after our Polynesian footy legends hang up their boots when their on-field career ends. Featuring Sir Michael Jones, Olsen Filipaina and more. 
Why Are We Fat?
One million Kiwi adults are classed as obese. In a personal journey, chef Simon Gault discovers the new science behind obesity as this series asks “Why Are We Fat?”
Pike River
Prime’s feature-length drama reveals the tragic back story of New Zealand’s worst mining disaster, weaving in documentary footage and interviews with Pike River families.
A group of brown writers must create a comedy show with their racist boss. Meanwhile, their sketches come to life. From STIs to body swaps, their characters master life one sketch at a time.
This Could Go Anywhere
In late 2019, English cricket legend and celebrity Phil Tufnell decided it was time to return to New Zealand and experience all that he missed of this beautiful country while touring in the 1990s. But he needed a tour guide, and all his mates insisted there was only one man for that job – and New Zealand cricket legend Brendon McCullum was up for it.
In the weird and wobbly world of Coronavirus lockdown, reclusive tech expert, Rose, is working from home while another wave of infection sweeps the country. Shutting out human contact, Rose spends her time bombing stranger’s video calls and trying to avoid conversations with her annoying flatmate Adrian. 
JK’s Japan
Sir John Kirwan spent 10 years in Japan playing rugby and coaching the national side, now he is returning to revisit his favourite places, catch up with old mates and experience a few things he never got to do. A Sky Original NZ production. 
Demolition NZ S2
Demolition teams across New Zealand work together to bring down the colossal, the difficult, and the dangerous. We take you behind the barriers and show you the problems that demolition teams face daily - and some more unusual conundrums as well.
Honey Wars
Honey Wars follows the fortunes – and misfortunes – of the Murray family, the force behind Tai Tokerau Honey, a whānau-owned and operated honey business based in the far north of New Zealand. 
The Red Stag Timber Hunters Club S6
This season, the team travel further than ever before in search of adventure, all the way from the outlying islands of the Tongan Archipelago to the very southern tip of Stewart Island. 
Artefact S1
Artefact is an exciting 6 part series presented by Dame Professor Anne Salmond. Artefact takes viewers on adventures through time with a focus on artefacts and taonga at the heart of gripping and often surprising historical dramas.
Help Is On The Way
Help Is On The Way is the story of the Kiwi ingenuity and bravery that resulted in 36 people being rescued from the upper floors of the 26-storey Hotel Grand Chancellor.
New Zealand's Air Force - Then And Now
In commemoration of ANZAC Day, New Zealand’s Air Force – Then & Now, provides a rare chance to get airborne with the Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF) and get a glimpse into the everyday life of pilots in our military.
Living with Tourette’s S3
Living With Tourette’s is an exciting, inspiring documentary series, featuring six New Zealanders with Tourette Syndrome as they try to make their way in a world that would rather see them hidden away.
The Changing Face of the NZ Dairy
Dashing down to the local dairy has long been a Kiwi institution. This documentary examines the evolution of the dairy and the impact it has had on migrants looking to find their place in New Zealand. 
Go Further South
On board with Christchurch-based Heritage Expeditions, Go Further South picks up where Go South left off. A 12-hour long hop across the Sub Antarctic islands and along the Ross Sea coast as far south as Scott Base, Antarctica.
How To Eat With Simon Gault
Kiwi chef Simon Gault is on an expedition to find out how we eat and what it does for our health. Journeying to the Greek Islands and Turkey, Simon investigates the benefits of the Mediterranean diet.