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Demolition NZ
Premieres Wednesday 20 Feb 8.30pm

Get your hard hats ready! Following the success of the one-off documentary The Demolition Teams, Prime presents a new series that takes viewers back behind the security fences and into the hidden world of demolition. The demolition work continues in Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland, and begins in Whangarei and Invercargill. 

Crews take you inside the big sites you’ve never seen before. For the first time cameras show the demolition of quake-damaged wharves at Wellington’s CentrePort, with specialist underwater cutting equipment imported from the United States.

The iconic Lancaster Park in Christchurch is being taken apart, piece by piece, and a lot of it sold, recycled and reused. Some of the biggest controlled explosions in the country are needed to restore a vital hillside road link in Christchurch, and why is an Auckland demolition company smashing up multi-million dollar yachts? There’s also the deconstruction of an asbestos-clad fertiliser plant in Whangarei, and down in Invercargill the cameras capture the team bringing down a historic church.

The focus is also on the characters who do this tough, gritty work. From Dalton Ward of Auckland’s Ward Demolition - who once billed himself as "the youngest digger driver in the world”- to Brazilian Sandro Deitos who, with his team, is bringing South American passion to the demolition and restoration work at Christchurch’s Wood Mill. 

Demolition World’s boss David Fallow loves salvaging at the sites, and puts his booty on display at a historic village he’s built. You can see anything there from stained glass windows to an original fast food store frontage… and 200 mannequins. And speaking of demolition site collectors, Simon Wilson has a fascinating array of bricks. So many that they fill every spare space on two properties that he owns.