An extraordinary journey.

The vast overland route from Auckland to the deep south is a part of our national identity, an iconic piece of Kiwiana. A journey where city and sprawl gently yields to rolling pastures, volcanic extremes, tranquil waterways, the rough Otago high country and the grandeur of the Southern Alps and Milford Sound. 

Imagine taking this epic trip down the country with a group of your closest friends and family. Curating more than 40 hours of total travel time into individual 3 hour and 12 hour programmes, GO SOUTH embraces taking the slow route. 

Around each bend, hidden stories and amazing views are revealed. It’s hypnotic, addictive and meditative. With the push of a button you can be transported somewhere else. You can experience this country in a way you might never consider in your real life. 

That’s the promise of GO SOUTH. But this journey isn’t just a collection of stunning landscapes, at its heart is the story of who we are as a people. 

With no score, no narration, an intentionally immersive soundscape, and beauty shots held far longer than expected, the experience is a signature piece of television… and a New Zealand first. 

Made with the support of NZ On Air.



Q&A with Spencer Stoner


Spencer Stoner

Go South is an almost real-time journey from Auckland to Milford Sound, traveling overland. Internationally, there has been a lot of excitement around TV that moves at a slower pace and watches things unfold in real time.