How to tune in on Freeview

How to get Prime’s Alternate Audio feeds on the Freeview platforms.

Because Prime’s implementation of the alternate audio feed deviates from Freeview rules & supported audio codes, the way you switch to Prime’s alternate audio feeds depend on what device you’re using.

Here’s a guide on how you can access Alternate Audio A (ALA) & Alternate Audio B (ALB) on popular devices tuned to Prime on the Freeview platforms:

  1. Go to SETTINGS / MENU on your TV (or PVR/Set-top box if one is connected to your TV).
  2. Navigate to LANGUAGE settings.
  3. Select the code listed for your TV / box below to turn on the ALA or ALB alternate audio feeds on Prime:
  • LG:  ALA or Albanian
  • TCL: Unknown or Albanian
  • Panasonic: ALA or ALB
  • Dish TV boxes: ALA or ALB
  • Konka: ALA or ALB
  • Sony: ALA or Albanian
  • Samsung: Undefined or Undefined (there’s no distinction between ALA or ALB on Samsung TVs – please try one to see if it’s your desired alternate audio feed, and switch to the other if not)