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INSTINCT stars Alan Cumming as a former CIA operative who is lured back to his old life when the NYPD needs his help to stop a serial killer. Dr Dylan Reinhart is a gifted author and university professor living a quiet life teaching psychopathic behaviour to packed classes of adoring students. But when tenacious top NYPD detective Lizzie Needham appeals to him to help her catch a serial murderer who is using Dylan’s first book as a tutorial, Dylan is compelled by the case and comes out of retirement. Helping them is Julian Cousins, Dylan’s invaluable CIA comrade who rivals Dylan in brilliance and wit, and can get top-secret dirt on anyone, anywhere, anytime. Lizzie’s boss, Lt. Jasmine Gooden, is glad to see her best detective finally agree to work with someone on a case, since Lizzie has refused any partner since a tragic event one year ago. But as Dylan feels re-energised tapping into his old skill set, his husband, Andy, is concerned that Dylan’s breaking their pact about putting away his cloak and dagger for good. Though Dylan and Lizzie initially clash, when it comes to catching killers, they realise they will make an ideal team if they both trust their instincts.


ALAN CUMMING – Dr. Dylan Reinhart & Executive Producer 

What has it been like bringing the series to life in Season 1? 
Alan Cumming: “I'm really, really enjoying it, and I feel like we’re getting into a swing with the stories and the characters and it’s actually really good. I feel like if I was in a marathon I’d be striding up to the winning line.”

What are the advantages to having two lead characters that cannot be forced together romantically? 
Alan Cumming: “The fact that there’s the couple at the centre of it, they’re never going to get together, I think it takes away one of the normal kind of constrictions of how these shows work. And I think it opens it up. I think it's really great. I'm really fascinated by what they will do with our relationship and how we’re getting to be fond of each other and what spanners might be thrown in the works. It’s really refreshing to have a man and a woman on television – and also a gay man and a straight woman that are not the kind of usual stereotypes of what people think that means. It's a very positive thing and I think actually it opens up the story a lot more. I have a husband. She has got the romantic thing going on with one of the other characters. It’s actually refreshing to have it not be the central tenet of the show.” 

What makes Dylan good at his job? 
Alan Cumming: “He is incredibly thorough and of course he has great instinct. I mean, he’s sort of almost a little compulsive. And he is kind of little bit on the spectrum of one of those things where he gets something into his mind and he can't let go. And that's actually really useful. When you kind of have tunnel vision like that it’s actually really good for a job like his and for being a spy and for being able to kind of go undercover and completely live a life. But also in the way – in solving all these cases he is kind of like a little sniffer dog. He just keeps at it.”

How much of Dylan’s past as a CIA operative will we learn about in the first season? 
Alan Cumming: “The great thing about someone having that character that has got so many different layers is that, yes, in the first season there are lots of references to his past life and why he ended it – why he stopped being a CIA person. And then also like his father is a character who is a bigwig in the CIA and he wants him to come back and feels that he has let him down because he gave up the CIA. Also Naveen Andrews’ character was with him in the CIA, too. So, he kind of goes back into it a little bit in certain episodes. And I love that. I love that there is a lot of potential. There is the academic world, there is the CIA world and now there is the cop world. There is music, there is a couple of piano bits I’ve been doing. Lots of different forays.”

What is it like to also serve as an Executive Producer on “Instinct”? 
Alan Cumming: “The good thing about being an Executive Producer is that you get to see the stories and things ahead of time and the scripts and things like that. You have an input in that and you have a cognisance of the way it’s going and kind of feel you’re involved in that. 
There are also more vegan options on the menu at the kitchen because I’m the Executive Producer and stuff like that. And my sort of role is to try and be a spokesman for the crew to first make sure that everyone feels happy about coming to work.”



About Alan Cumming (Dr. Dylan Reinhart in INSTINCT)

Alan Cumming is a Scottish-American actor, singer, writer, producer and activist. He made his professional acting debut in a production of Macbeth at the Glasgow’s Tron Theater in 1985.



About Bojana Novakovic (Lizzie Needham in INSTINCT)

Serbian native Bojana Novakovic was trained at the National Institute of Dramatic Arts in Australia and has had starring roles with all of Australia’s major theatre companies.