Prime is moving for Freeview customers

Prime’s broadcast is moving frequency from 24th May for Freeview customers, some viewers may need to re-tune several channels. The reason for the change is the removal of Prime’s two regional broadcast feeds, which allowed different advertising in different parts of the country. From 14th June, just one version of Prime will screen nationwide.

The affected channels are Prime, Four+1 and The Edge. Anyone viewing those channels on Freeview Unauthorised satellite boxes and hybrid TV’s will need to re-tune. Most Freeview approved devices will update automatically.

From the 24th May, you may see an on-screen message asking you to re-tune your box, if you do see this message please see for assistance on how to do this with your particular box type.

Also from 24th May those customers with Silver SKY boxes will lose their series links for Prime, Four +1 and THE EDGE, these will need to be re-entered once you have re-tuned your Freeview box.

If you do not see the on-screen message, your device has re-tuned automatically and no further action from you is required. Those with SKY digital, Freeview boxes, Freeview DTT, Igloo, MY SKY (excluding Silver MY SKY boxes) and SKY boxes can expect viewing as normal with no updates required.

There may be a small number of Freeview boxes that require a manual re-tune due to the transponder carrier and/or the firmware version. Head to for information about how to re-tune your box or contact the device manufacturer.