Prime PLUS 1

Prime PLUS 1 on SKY Channel 514

Prime PLUS 1 gives SKY viewers more options and flexibility in watching Prime. Prime PLUS 1 is a new channel available to all SKY Domestic customers with the Basic package. It’s a duplicate feed of the existing Prime channel with all programmes screening one hour later than the original broadcast.

Prime PLUS 1 will be available on channel 514 in SD (standard definition). Closed captioned programmes will be available on Prime PLUS 1. As Prime PLUS 1 is a digitally broadcast channel, a number of Freeview Satellite customers (Freeview Satellite DTH, or Direct To Home transmission only) will also be able to manually tune their receiver to Prime PLUS 1.

If you have any further questions you can contact us here or check out our FAQs below


Will I still see the EPG (electronic programme guide) on Prime PLUS 1?
Yes, the EPG will be available on Prime PLUS 1.

Can I book series links on Prime PLUS 1?
Yes. You can book series links and record your favourite programmes as you normally would on the existing Prime channel.

Can I watch Prime PLUS 1 if I’m using a UHF aerial?
Prime PLUS 1 is broadcast via satellite only currently so is not available via UHF. Prime will work on making this available to all viewers in the future.

I am using a satellite dish to get Freeview, can I tune in to Prime PLUS 1?
You may be able to manually tune into Prime PLUS 1. Check with your manufacturer or at for more information.