Prime Picks

Kids Say The Darndest Things
Thursdays from 16th July 7:30pm
Tiffany Haddish hosts this update to the classic TV show that spotlights kids talking about their perspective on things.
Years and Years
Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays from Sunday 21 June, 8.30pm
An epic saga that takes an ordinary family and catapults them through the next 15 years. As society changes, faster than ever, the Lyons will experience everything we hope for in the future, and everything we fear. They’ll fall in and out of love, and grow old, fall apart and come back together, while constantly looking forward. Years and Years is about family. It shows how we survive, against the backdrop of a political world in which you can’t tell right from left any more. The tone is fierce, funny, heart-breaking and, ultimately, shows one family’s determination to survive the future..
Landscape Artist Of The Year S4
Saturdays from 20 June - 6:00pm
We’re back on the search for Britain’s finest landscape painter. Expert judges – portrait artist Tai Shan Schierenberg, curator Kathleen Soriano and art dealer Kate Bryan – whittle down thirty-six new artists across six regional heats, taking place at stunning locations across the country.
Living With Tourette's S2
Saturdays from 20 June - 8:30pm
Follow six Kiwis, Renee, Letisha, Lashkar, Adam, Sian and Jessica, as they take us on their harrowing, yet inspiring and sometimes amusing journey, of life with Tourette's.
Strike Back S5
Tuesdays - 9:30pm
Stonebridge and Scott, along with S20 colleagues Philip Locke, Julia Richmond and Kim Martinez are enlisted to crack a missing-persons case in Bangkok. This elite undercover unit of British intelligence quickly realizes that what seems on the surface to be a simple kidnapping is actually the first step in a massive terrorist plot with global implications. 
Crowd Goes Wild
Weeknights - 7.00pm

It was voted New Zealand’s favourite sports show for a very good reason!  The Crowd Goes Wild team will make sure you’re up to date with all the sports news that matters every weeknight on Prime.

All New Traffic Cops
Wednesdays - 7.30pm
The Traffic Cops face a potential riot after a high speed chase in the night, a routine stop takes a serious turn when the driver has a gun, and officers pursue a stolen van across the county.
Dream Home Dilemma
Saturdays - 8:00pm
Dream Home Dilemma sees our expert real estate hosts Shane Cortese, Anita Dobson and Hamish Dodd, guide house hunters on the search for their dream home.
American Pickers
Mondays - 7.30pm
Pickers like Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz are on a mission to recycle America. American Pickers follows them as they scour the country for hidden gems in junkyards, basements, garages and barns, meeting quirky characters and hearing their amazing stories.